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Herbert Hiley

Property Development

About Herbie

Herbert Hiley is the General Manager for the STT Group. With over 25 years of dedicated experience, he has helped propel the STT Group to new heights built off of excellence and integrity. Herbie entered the industry when he was just 15 years old. Here, he started in the company and quickly ascended to the position of Sales Manager by the time he was 17. The trajectory is one of continual hard work, wits, and attention to detail. Now responsible for everything from sales to purchasing, Herbie has helped build the STT Group into one of the most well-known and well-respected fifth wheel retailers in the world.

In addition to his work in American Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers, Herbie is also involved in property development. Passionate about excellent work, Herbert has enjoyed venturing into real estate for both the challenge and the reward. Having stepped into the role of business owner at the STT Group at age 18, Herbert Hiley is well acquainted with the grit and hustle it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship. For Herbert, in a world that is becoming increasingly interested in quantity over quality, the true test of excellence is taking a job and seeing it through to the end with an eye for detail — a way of life he carries with him in both the property development and the retail fifth wheel industry.

A go-getter and leader at heart, Herbert has managed to find success as the sole dealer of Shasta, Sabre, Eurocruiser, Cherokee and Riverside RVs, as well as in the world of property development. For someone like Herbert, success is about diving into a project, seeing it through and producing a great final result. One of the reasons Herbie has seen so much success in both industries is because he works as though his reputation is on the line. Longing to be known as a business leader and entrepreneur that truly values people, Herbert has always been dedicated to taking the time to do something right the first time around.

This reputation of excellence has undoubtedly been one that has paid off, and Herbert continues to push for greater client service and satisfaction.

Be sure to follow Herbert Hiley as he shares his expertise on real estate, property development and the importance of a job well done.